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On our site, we would like to offer you new luxurious apartments (VIP APARTMENTS) for reasonable prices, which are located in the city centre under the Michael's Gate, one of many sights in the centre of Bratislava. Our apartments are furnished with completely new furniture made of solid wood with glossy finish.

VIP APARTMENTS include 18 luxurious apartments in total. Moreover, parking lots can be rented in the underground garage located just circa 100 metres away. You can also enjoy fine breakfast in the restaurant open right under the apartments.

Our apartments are excellently positioned not only for evening walks through the historical city centre, but also for easy accessibility of sights, which should not be missed during your visit to the city.

The Michael’s Gate was erected at the end of the 14th century. It was given its name upon the St. Michael's settlement and church to be found in a suburb nearby. The former settlement has only been reminded by a pink tombstone used in the tower masonry at the height of the third floor (give or take). It is visible from the inner side. In the past, the tower was equipped with a hoist-bridge, herse, and a massive wooden gate. The upper beam with holes for gate hinges has been preserved until these days.

The Gate was given its name upon the St. Michael’s church and suburb, from which one could enter the town through the Michael’s Gate. There is a well-preserved curved type of the street in the integrate in the street ground plan from the Michael’s Gate up. A bridge over the former moat along the castle wall is located outside of the Gate. There is a stone gothic symbol inside of the Gate and an inscription in the cartouche on the southern side saying that the tower was repaired by the City Council and inhabitants of Bratislava in 1758. Nowadays, a historical coronation trail marker can be found on the Gate.

Finally, please, let us wish you a pleasant stay.